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Fieldwork In A Gurung Village In Central Nepal In 1988-1992
AYA BAYA BAND - Hajsången
'Models Of Change In History And Anthropology' - 1977 - Session 1
Sani Abusa - Aya Baya
Interview With Clifford Geertz
Four Civilisations - China, Islam, Europe, Anglo-sphere. Alan Macfarlane 2016
6. Lecture On Emile Durkheim (1858-1917)
The Stages Of Growing Millet In A Himalayan Village In Nepal - 1992
71 - Nepal, Gurung; Thak Village, Late 1980's, Date Unknown. Colour, Silent
Interview With Alan Macfarlane In February 2014
Strange Beliefs: Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard
Neil Turok - Second Interview In April 2017