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Bill Gates - Population Reduction @ TED 2010
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Remember Lot's Wife - The Cryptic Battle (Part 1 Of 3)
Delta Goodrem - Lost Without You (Live At WMAs 2005)
Heart - Allies (Live)
Lara Fabian -- I Will Love Again (Live)
Delta Goodrem - Together We Are One (2006 Commonwealth Games)
The Bloodline Of The Anti-Christ (Part 1 Of 8)
The Mystery Of Prophetic Time (Part 1 Of 3)
America's Message From The Ghost Of Sodom (Part 1 Of 3)
The Rapture - To Be Or Not To Be (Part 1 Of 2)
The Coming War For Oil, Water And Food (Part 3 Of 3)
Jack Van Impe On The Coming Of The Rapture (2 Of 3)
Sorry But You Are Wrong Mr. President (Part 1 Of 3)
SAGA - Wind Him Up