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Diupload pada 22 Agt 2013

Welcome back to Brooklyn 1975, where the clothes are tight and the girls are out of sight! The Sweat Hogs are hitting the streets looking for good times. They experience more excitement than could hope for, in some very surprising places. The results are classic comedy and hotter than a New York summer!

Welcome Back Kotter XXX: A DreamZone Parody will be available on DVD in October, 2013. Visit for more information.

Duration: 2:10
E.T. XXX: A DreamZone Parody
Duration: 2:12
Sleeping with Danger
Duration: 2:40
Big Bang Theory XXX Parody [cenzura]
Duration: 25:59
Karate Kid XXX A DreamZone Parody
Duration: 2:24
Rambone XXX A DreamZone Parody
Duration: 1:49
Best PORN Movies !
Duration: 8:15
One Flew Over The Cuckholds Nest: A DreamZone Parody
Duration: 1:16
Cape Fear XXX - SFW Trailer
Duration: 1:04
"Zorro XXX: A Pleasure Dynasty Parody" SFW Trailer
Duration: 3:49
Godfather XXX
Duration: 2:47
welcome back kotter- 3 substitute teachers
Duration: 3:12