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Diupload pada 7 Feb 2013

Visit for more details. Available March 19, 2013 from DreamZone Entertainment.

In the near future, a second American Civil War leaves the country a dark and desolate place, an ideal landscape for Mercenary-For-Hire Barb Wire. Her latest mission is to find a runaway prostitute and bring her home. But the recluse hooker and her parents aren't who they say they ar. It's up to Barb to figure out who the good guys are and save the day. And as far as the bad guys are concerned, they better not call her "Babe."

Duration: 2:10
E.T. XXX: A DreamZone Parody
Duration: 2:12
Pretty Woman XXX - A porn Parody (soft scenes)
Duration: 8:50
Karate Kid XXX A DreamZone Parody
Duration: 2:24
Barb Wire (1996) - leather trailer HD 1080p
Duration: 3:25
The Avengers - Sexy Parody
Duration: 5:29
Trailer Hitch - OMG...It's the Dirty Dancing XXX Parody (2013)
Duration: 3:38
"Zorro XXX: A Pleasure Dynasty Parody" SFW Trailer
Duration: 3:49
Rambone XXX A DreamZone Parody
Duration: 1:49
My Sinful LIfe
Duration: 1:52
Big Bang Theory XXX Parody [cenzura]
Duration: 25:59
Pamela Anderson mvp Barb Wire avi2
Duration: 3:05