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Diupload pada 25 Jan 2016

Digital ecosystems will be the next big wave of enterprise disruption. As traditional boundaries between industry verticals fade, unexpected newcomers will create market power shifts.

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Disruption is a business reality we must all face.
Duration: 3:19
Banking 2020 - Technology Disruption in Banking
Duration: 3:33
Digital Trust - Tech Vision 2016 Trend 5
Duration: 1:31
Explaining Big Data
Duration: 8:33
Technology Vision 2016 - Technology Trends and Innovation
Duration: 2:10
Oil and gas companies are facing major technological disruption
Duration: 14:49
The Electric Vehicle Disruption - End Of Oil by 2030
Duration: 11:27
How Technology is Changing the World: Meet the Disruptors
Duration: 1:55
The Dawn of a new era: How technology disruptions are changing the world
Duration: 2:33
Platform Economy - Tech Vision 2016 Trend 3
Duration: 1:30
The Explainer: Disruptive Innovation
Duration: 2:08
4 Disruptive HR Tech Trends to Look out For
Duration: 2:06