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Diupload pada 25 Jun 2017

Trend Router Bits / Cutters Basic set that I won from Trend in a Competition. A good set of fairly commonly used bits that beginners and router users should have in your tool collection. Ive already got all I need so its only right that I pass them on to one of you.
Quarter inch 1/4 set of cutters featuring
1 x Straight 6.3mm dia x 16mm cut
1 x Straight 12.7mm dia x 19mm cut
1 x Dovetail 104 deg x 12.7mm dia
2 x Guided Round Over radius 6.35mm & 9.5mm
1 x Guided Chamfer 45 degree
1 x Guided Rebater 9.5mm rebate
1 x Guided Trimmer dia 12.7mm
1 x Guided Cove radius 6.3mm
1 x 'V' Groove 45 degree
1 x Core Box radius 6.35
1 x Guided Ogee radius 4mm

The bits ive included are a V groove and a 3mm straight from my own toolbox for you to use. So this is now a very good set thats suitable for doing your own signs and carvings.
V bits I use
To enter, like comment and subscribe, ill use a comment selector to choose the winner sometime in the middle of July.

Made a few of these chisel holders now for the workshop, useful and keeps them all up and protected from knocks and getting blunt.

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