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Diupload pada 19 Jan 2017

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Our co-founder Sarah reported back to the offices after a trip to Seoul about the latest and newest trend in Korean beauty - the '7 Skin Method' (or 7스킨법 in Korean). Suitable for all skin types, this skincare hack has you applying 7 layers of toner in a row! Glow Team member Cathy takes you into her bathroom to test out the '7 Skin Method,' with amazing results!

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Get more info on the Glow Recipe Blog:
I Tried the '7 Skin Method' and it saved my dehydrated skin! ➤
What does 'chok chok' mean? Find out in our K-beauty Glossary! ➤

Glow Recipe is the only natural Korean beauty destination, uniquely curated by beauty industry experts. Co-founders Sarah and Christine leverage 20+ years of US & Korea beauty experience to bring the best natural, cruelty-free Korean skincare products stateside.

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