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Diupload pada 17 Agt 2015

Taking inspiration from 30 leading researchers and trend forecasters, The Media Store has identified the top 10 Trends for 2015 that can help marketers better engage today’s consumer…

Trend 7: Brands Fostering Community
Brands can simultaneously benefit communities and build love, by helping to connect individuals with shared interests - online and in the real world.
(Thanks to LinkedIn Big Ideas, Havas and Forrester Research for their inspirational thinking)

Trend 8: Deep is the New Tabloid
Duration: 1:59
Harley Davidson - Community, Brand, IBM
Duration: 2:02
Designing Online Communities from Theory
Duration: 1:28:11
Trend10: Liquid Content
Duration: 1:29
5 Epic Viral Videos Marketing Trends for 2017 | Digital Video Marketing
Duration: 2:07
Trend 3: Human Sensing Network
Duration: 1:31
FOX5 Surprise Squad: Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids, Comes Home, Finds House Different
Duration: 10:10
Why we love working at The Media Store
Duration: 1:18
Trend 1: Post Demographic Consumerism
Duration: 1:16
Trend 9: Storyscaping
Duration: 1:30
Trend 5: The internet of sharing things
Duration: 1:18
Trend 2: Dynamic Shopping Journeys
Duration: 1:35