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Diupload pada 23 Jun 2017

Women's fashion trends that men just DON'T LIKE! Sorry girls!

Women are typically open-minded about new fashion and beauty trends, but men tend to be more difficult to win over. In fact, there are plenty of girl trends that men hate. If it involves reinventing denim, colorful hair, or unusual makeup techniques, men are probably going to be negative about it.

Of all the fashion trends men hate, new versions of denims are right up there. Opening Ceremony’s detachable jeans into shorts have to be seen to be believed. And most men are not believers, that’s for sure. They feel the same way about Topshop’s clear plastic jeans. Take a look at these fashion innovations in our video, and tell us what you think of them. That ‘90s classic style of wearing skirts over pants is another look that men don’t like. So they do not love the new trend for double layer skirt jeans.

As for makeup trends, you’ll be hard pressed to find a man who’s a fan of dyed armpit hair or unicorn hair, for that matter, particularly if it involves an actual unicorn horn fashioned out of hair. Many men are likely scared of dragon brows and furry nails, and confused by clown contouring and holographic lipstick. When it comes to fidget spinner nail art, that’s like a double dose of things men hate. These are the beauty trends men hate the most.

Watch our video to see 10 girl trends that guys hate, and let us know in comments which ones you like and dislike the most.

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