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Diupload pada 25 Jan 2017

In the ecosystem-driven digital economy, the rules are still waiting to be written. Leaders must work to shape the digital markets of tomorrow.

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Awesome New Technology COOL GADGETS and Inventions◄⚡
Duration: 4:35
Enter The Dock
Duration: 1:07
Gartner Top 10 Technology Trends 2017
Duration: 1:40
The 2017 Top 10 IT Issues
Duration: 2:48

Accenture Technology Vision 2017
Duration: Accenture Technology
Internet of Things - Connected Industrial Worker
Duration: 2:06
AI is the new UI - Tech Vision 2017 Trend 1
Duration: 1:13
Accenture Solution for the Manufacturing Industry
Duration: 1:39
Artifical Intelligence, IoT and immersive experiences at the Accenture Liquid Studios
Duration: 3:17
Accenture Technology Careers
Duration: 2:08
Establishing a Trusted Identity with Blockchain
Duration: 4:03
Accenture Liquid Studio for SAP - Smart Fleet
Duration: 3:01