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Diupload pada 1 Sep 2017

The 11:11 snapchat trend has been consistently making me mad for a year now, so I thought I'd give my opinion on this first world problem.


It only took 4 years... (Thanks for 600)
Duration: 5:23
Hunting Down Kermit the Frog
Duration: 4:19
11 Year Old Boy Dies After Attempting New Online Trend
Duration: 2:50
Last Call for Mr. Paul
Duration: 3:55
Hot Freestyle Rappin' (very real not a joke)
Duration: 3:06
Kofi Kingston's miraculous Royal Rumble Match saves
Duration: 4:20
Enough | Cade Eliason
Duration: 2:39
Toothpaste Twinkies | The Cooking Show | S3E1
Duration: 6:36
Duluth (Vlog)
Duration: 9:16
Arizona (Spring Break Vlog)
Duration: 7:13
Maradona ● Top 10 Goals ● Top 10 Skills
Duration: 6:11
Dog Treat Coco | The Cooking Show | S3E2
Duration: 10:11