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Diupload pada 2 Jul 2017

Oki and Taki try to keep their balance on a melting glacier in the North Pole. They also discover an old, but interesting soda vending machine. Lastly, Oki and Taki catch a musical mosquito in Korea.

Alien Monkeys is story about two monkeys exploring the world together with unexpected musical adventures. Oki is full of curiosity about everything on Earth and Taki is determined to find a bottle of "Earth soda". Surprisingly, they create fantastic musical performances while they are making trouble.

Om Nom Stories (Cut the Rope):
Let’s colour Om Nom:
Colouring books:
Airport Diary:
Welcome to Qumiland:

Alien Monkeys 🙈Dancing Santa - Lawnmower - Hen - Animation for Kids
Duration: 7:32
Alien Monkeys - Dandelion 2 - Grand Canyon - Africa mask
Duration: 7:32
Обезьянки из космоса (Alien Monkeys) - Лягушка (24 серия)
Duration: 3:35
Fish for Kids Fish World Cartoon Compilation for Kids #8 ✪ Cartoon Movie For Kids Full Episodes ツツ
Duration: 27:11
Обезьянки из космоса (Alien Monkeys) - БАМБУК (47 серия)
Duration: 3:37
Обезьянки из космоса (Alien Monkeys) - Весна, лето, осень, зима (48 серия)
Duration: 3:35
Alien Monkeys 🐵 Dog - Chameleon - Dog 2 - Funny Animation
Duration: 7:31
Alien Monkeys - Sheet ice 2 - Dolharubang - Bee
Duration: 7:32
The Airport Diary ✈ Compilation 🚀 Top episodes - Cartoons about planes - Best animation for kids
Duration: 59:00
Om Nom Stories (Cut the Rope) - Video Blog - Shopping - Makeup Tutorial - Skateboarding - Pranks
Duration: 9:41
Обезьянки из космоса (Alien Monkeys) - Каменный человек, Харыбан (41 серия)
Duration: 3:36
Alien Monkeys 🙈 Blacksmith in the wood - Magnetism - Frog - Animation for Kids
Duration: 7:30